Skip the dishes: Celebrate Easter with a high-end meal at these Sandton Central eateries

Skip the dishes: Celebrate Easter with a high-end meal at these Sandton Central eateries

We can’t think of anyone who DOESN’T love this part of the year! There’s great weather before the cold sets in, and everyone’s finally up to full speed with starting the year. Most importantly, this time of the year is full of celebrations and long weekends, which always lift the mood.

Hosting big gatherings, lunches and dinners is the name of the game. Which sounds good in theory… until it’s time to clean up after all those hungry houseguests! This Easter season, we encourage you to skip the dishes with Sandton Central. We’ve compiled our favourite celebration-worthy restaurants in the district so you can book your table today.

These eateries will impress everyone you invite, make for magical festive memories, and – best of all – take care of all the prep and clean-up for you!

For hearty, traditional steakhouse fare, try: The Bull Run – Sandton

Located in the heart of Sandton, this upmarket steakhouse combines cosy, traditional steakhouse fare with an upmarket flair. And it’s the perfect venue for an indulgent, slow lunch with the extended family. Located at the base of Protea Hotel by Marriot Johannesburg Balalaika Sandton, this elegantly appointed eatery is a Sandton staple.

Operating for more than 20 years, The Bull Run opened its doors in October 2000 and has been serving happy patrons from all over the world since. The restaurant’s focus is on serving high-quality cuts of meat, cooked to every customer’s idea of perfection. Their customer-first philosophy extends to their statement that “each cut is prepared to customers’ exacting standards.”

In 2018, the restaurant underwent an extensive refurbishment by Award-winning interior designer Tristan Du Plessis of Studio A, who upscaled the interior with clever nods to the New York Stock Exchange, making even stepping through the doors feel opulent. On their experience at the restaurant, one customer wrote that “the atmosphere is perfect for Sandton as it is trendy and vibey. The outside gardens are looked after well. Being in Sandton and have trees around you, is something guests should cherish.”

For something more luxurious and fine dining-focused, try: Pigalle – Sandton

Pigalle may not be for diners on a budget – but with its world-class fine-dining options and ambience, the luxury you’re sure to encounter in your experience is absolutely worth every cent. Pigalle is the culinary pearl nestled at the base of Sandton’s Michelangelo Towers, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience designed for the true seeker of the finer things in life.

The establishment was conceived in 2004 by renowned restauranteur, Naldo Goncalves. Specifically famous for its seafood, Pigalle Restaurant is upmarket and exclusive – showcasing classic flavour combinations refined with a contemporary twist in dishes with distinct Portuguese flair. The restaurant’s wine selection offers an impressive range of local vintages, and the well-trained staff will be able to assist you in pairing your wine with your chosen dishes – or your personal taste.

One happy customer wrote that “from the moment we stepped in – the owner Johnny, the manager [and] the waiters are at your service! The food is top grade- their fish/seafood/ oysters always super fresh!” Though this restaurant could work for a family affair, we don’t recommend taking children along, as the atmosphere is more formal and there is no kids’ menu to cater to little ones.

For light, airy tapas on a breezy deck, try: Pappas on the Square – Nelson Mandela Square

If sharing food, drinking wine, and whiling away a sunny afternoon in the breeze is your style, then Pappas on the Square is the place to be for this celebration season. Established back in 1987, this Greek staple is authentically Mediterranean in all the best ways – including being full of hustle and bustle and friendly, welcoming staff. 

Based around a philosophy of bringing their guests fresh, quality produce and innovative, well-presented dishes, this family-owned taverna offers a variety of traditional Greek dishes and contemporary fusion cuisine. The meals are presented in large portions, meant for sharing, but with how delicious their offerings are, we won’t judge if you take some dishes all for yourself (we recommend the calamari for this). This venue is perfect for a big, joyous, informal family gathering. You might even want to smash a few plates while you’re there! Make sure you pick the right ones, though.

For pizza with an experimental culinary flair, try: Saint – The Marc


This establishment describes itself as ‘the culinary duel of our inner conflict, incarnate. The push and pull of light and dark. Good and bad. The tussle between yes and no, now and never. The decadent mingling dangerously the divine.’ And yes, they’re talking about pizza here.

Saint isn’t your average pizza place, because it wasn’t established by your average pizza chef. David Higgs, who started Saint in 2018, is a well-renowned South African culinary innovator. Training with the best in Milan, Head Chef Higgs describes Saint’s approach to pizza as this: “Through seasoning we reach simplicity. Through sweetening we spice. We have made Italian our way. Crazy, beautiful and true to us. Because, one man’s virtue is really just another man’s sin.” If you’re looking for stylish, delicious Italian-inspired food that doesn’t take itself too seriously, this upmarket twist on a family favourite is the perfect compromise between fancy and what you’re actually craving. Be sure to book now, though! Saint has a reputation for being incredibly busy, and you don’t want to risk missing out if this option is your festive flavour of choice.

We can’t wait to kick off this month of celebration with delectable dishes, plentiful laughter, ice-cold, flowing drinks and lavish venues. If you feel the same, you can find all those things in excess when you visit the Sandton Central district.

The venues above are standouts, but we know there’s a seat at the table for every taste and budget when you explore our community. Treat yourself to a memorable meal and surround yourself with love this April. We can’t wait to see you there!