Johannesburg Tourism

Johannesburg Tourism

Johannesburg Tourism Programme

Like any great country, ours is an amalgamation of treats, sights, an epic vibe and amazing food. It can be awesome being a local, especially knowing all the hotspots and hidden gems, but sometimes we wish we could see South Africa through the eyes of a tourist. Imagine reliving the joy of taking everything in for the first time. The excitement, sense of wonder, even amusement – the reality is that South Africa is a lot to process. In the best of ways, of course.

As much as we love everything local (it is lekker, after all), we’re just as big on tourism and our eager foreign visitors. We’re all too aware of how beneficial the industry is. Aside from fostering growth and doing wonders for the economy, it allows us to open our doors to new and exciting people from far and wide. It’s this appreciation for the industry which is shared by the Johannesburg Department of Economic Development: Tourism – an appreciation which has, in turn, led to the launch of its Tourism Ambassador Programme in May.

“In terms of Johannesburg’s Growth and Development Strategy [GDS], the Joburg 2040 – tourism remains an economic growth imperative on the city’s agenda,” says Cllr Leah Knott, MMC for the City’s Department of Economic Development. “In line with the prioritisation of achieving increased visitor arrivals in the city and contributing towards the economic growth target of 5% by 2021, Joburg Tourism seeks ways to facilitate the tourism experience at sites and attractions in the City, rendering them safe, pleasant, informative and memorable”.

“The Tourism Ambassador Programme envisages making Johannesburg a safer destination, leading to an increased number of tourists visiting the City for both leisure and business.”

How does this apply to Sandton Central?
Well, we’re about lots of things, there’s also more to us than business, retail and entertainment. Our district is proud to host many of our public sectors and services. We draw from leading cities across the globe to support and nurture the communities we serve. As such, we’ve looked to include a complete spectrum of both private and public facilities within our streets.

These facilities are not just about locals, however, as they go a long way towards fostering strong international relations. Furthermore, they set the precedent for making our district safer, easier to access and more appealing to both local and international visitors alike.

Here are our most popular, convenient and useful public facilities for your perusal.

1. City of Johannesburg Regional Offices & Customer Care Centre
137 Daisy Street
7.30am – 4pm

Why it matters?

First and foremost, it’s this office that’s responsible for service delivery and effective implementation within our district. It also allows for a central facility wherein locals can attend to important matters such as accounts, general enquiries, special applications, credit control and customer education.

In the event you’re unhappy with a service or require a new one, this is also your destination. Water, lights and sewerage are all part of the ways we can help you.

2. Sandton Library:
Nelson Mandela Square
9am – 5pm (Mon to Thurs)
9am – 1pm (Sat)
9am – 6pm (First Wednesday of every month)

Now from business and admin to one of life’s simplest, yet greatest pleasures. You may find yourself struggling to think of new ways to keep occupied this winter. You may find you need to escape the confines of daily life. You may find you just want alone time. Well, Sandton Central can help you with all of these. Our state-of-the-art library is one of our most treasured locations, as we’re firm believers in the power of books.

It’s easy to get caught up in the winter blues, and just as easy to vegetate in front of the TV. Now we have no problem with a little rest and relaxation, but why not do it while curled up with the perfect book? We have over 92 000 to choose from. Aside from this, our library boasts audiobooks, videos, music CD’s, language tapes, newspapers and more. There are over 200 seats and designated kids and adults’ sections alike.

Best part? We’re open to all members of the community, however, membership is required for rental.

All you need is your ID and proof of residency to join, with an annual fee of R48.

3. Joburg Tourism
Sandton Library
8am – 5pm (Mon to Fri)

Back to tourism, and we’re all about taking care of our visitors. Joburg Tourism is designed with this in mind, here to assist our visitors (or some overly eager locals) and promote our city as a business, lifestyle, sport and leisure destination. Our dedicated staff are informed, enthusiastic and ever willing to help. Some of the facilities include a Convention Bureau, coordinating programmes, tourist info, analytics – it’s basically an all-in-one stop to figuring out our potentially confusing city.

Jhb can be a lot to take in, which is why we’d like to make every visit as easy and enjoyable as possible. Herewith are our guidelines for the most amazing Jozi experience.

Johannesburg Tourism

4. Parks and Recreation
Sandton Central Park/Mushroom Park

Sometimes you need to escape the hustle just to clear your mind. This is why our district has placed two not so hidden gems in plain sight – ready, waiting and able to help you get the clarity you need. What’s more, they make for the PERFECT day out, be it with the kids, a loved one or just a lonesome stroll while you contemplate life.

Starting with Sandton Central Park, which is a little more intimate. You can find it in the middle of our financial district, making it the perfect escape spot (or niche event destination). Because of our amphitheatre and gorgeous surrounds, the park occasionally plays host to live music festivals and other events. Aside from that, this is the absolute perfect place to step away and clear your mind.

Next up is Mushroom Park, this one is perfect for families, as between the playground, duck pond, outdoor gym and landscaped lawns, you can either have the most delicious picnic or sit back and relax as the kids run wild. You may or may not have noticed a giant hot air balloon hovering above Sandton? Well, here’s where you’ll find it. Walk your dog, take a stroll or have a jog – our house is your house, and our parks are your parks.

We’re also proud to host the Sandown Clinic, Sandton Fire Station and JMPD, as any safe district should – and in event of emergency, help and assistance is easily available. All in all, we’re as focused on being tourist friendly as we are supporting our local communities. We believe that visitors and residents alike should not be left wanting, and that’s why we doubled down our focus with the aim of perfecting our service offering.