Events in Sandton this May

Events in Sandton this May

Events in Sandton this May:
Arnold Classic: 16-19 May
Design Joburg Expo: 21/27 May
IT Web Security Summit: 27-31 May

Everyone loves January. You’re still in holiday mode, the kids are around, you can get away with shorts and slops or spend a day at the pool without fear of frostbite. Come February and who doesn’t appreciate the month of love? Once March swings around, it’s more holidays mixed with anticipation for Easter, and April, well, we don’t need to say much else, do we?

In spite of this, however, our favourite month of the year is none of the above. Not even November, when our awesome Sandton family fills our halls with excitement. Nah, if you ask us, it’s really quite simple – it’s gotta be May.

First off, we promise you we didn’t just say that for the punchline, we just love excitement here at Sandton Central. Aside from this being the month to appreciate our mothers, there’s so much in store we can’t help but get excited. So, without further ado, let’s explore what’s on the cards this May 2019.


Arnold Classic: 16/19 May
Professional bodybuilding is, sadly, one of life’s more underappreciated art forms. Many of us see the end result without understanding the work behind it. To us, the Arnold Classic represents the pinnacle of passion, determination, hard work and perseverance. In our eyes, the pursuit of perfection is one thing, but having the moral fibre and inner dedication to see it through is another.

Join us between the 16th and 19th of May for a chance to meet, greet and be exposed to a completely new lifestyle. Who knows, it might even inspire the couch potatoes among us to finally put that gym membership to use.

From our end, we can’t wait, as we feel that all great athletes deserve recognition.



Design Joburg Expo: 21/27 May
Speaking of perfection and platforms from which to shine, we’ll also be hosting the Design Joburg Expo between the 21st and 27th of this month.

Why is this a big deal? Only because it’s a chance to highlight the brightest and most creative individuals our country has to offer.

Launched by Media 10, the event serves as showcase of talent. Simply put, any event featuring the most inspirational high-end local and international names in design and décor is a guaranteed winner.

Why should it interest you? Well, for anyone with an eye for all things classy and a passion for effective aesthetic function, this event is a must see. Consisting of trailblazers within their respective industry, it’s quite simply astounding to witness the way our Convention Centre is transformed into a beacon of interior and exterior talent.


IT and Web Security Summit: 27-31 May
We live in a digital world. Even reading this is done via a screen. As amazing and efficient as this may be, an increasingly connected world also presents its fair share of cyber risks.

You never know what’s out there.

Anyone tech savvy or considering themselves a security professional needs to be up to date. As technology evolves, so too do the threats it faces, and as such, staying informed is of utmost importance. The ITWeb Security Summit brings us its 14th installment between the 27th and 31st of May.

Once again, it represents a culmination of sorts, as leading experts, analysts and end-users combine to unpack the latest online threats. So, if you’re involved in anything digital, we highly recommend finding out how to increase your cyber resiliency.

All things said and done; it’s shaping up to be a pretty good month. And hey, before you know it, it’s time for the June holidays. We know how fast time is flying, but at the same time, life can get pretty mundane. Our advice today is to step out your comfort zone and experience new things. Inspiration is everywhere and takes many different forms – we suggest getting out there and finding it.