Ways To Get 2021 In Order from The Start.

Ways To Get 2021 In Order from The Start.

How organised are you? Being organised and prepared, not only for the new year but also with everything you practice during the next 12 months, can make the most chaotic of spaces more manageable. There are different ways of being organised from cleaning up your computer and your desk to throwing out the old and irrelevant documents and organising essential documents in fashionable manners. Not only will things go somewhat smooth sailing, but it’s also a way to eliminate safety issues.

It’s not fun spending hours looking for something in the closet or drawers, digging through the mess only have to put it back without finding what you’re looking for.  We’re sure you know just how bad it can get. Therefore, we encourage you to take this month to truly consider the following ways and focus on being organised.

Clean Up Your Computer

It doesn’t matter if you’re using your computer for video games or social media, keeping these incredible machines running at optimum capacity, we have to keep them clean. Both the internal components and memory need to be cleaned regularly. Start by turning off your computer and making sure that it’s free from dust (inside and outside). Then, reactivate your computer and clear up as much space on the hard drive as possible. Delete files that aren’t important anymore, or save essential documents to the Cloud. You’ll find it relaxing to eliminate icons on the home screen, and locating folders would be possible in seconds. Create shortcuts to folders you regularly use to decrease time spent on navigating through the server and increase productivity.

Organise Your Files

Depending on the nature of your profession, you either have a lot of administrative documents laying around or everything is stored digitally. However, organising it should still be a top priority. Organise your files in years, months, and dates if possible. If you amend documents, save it in versions to quickly locate the correct file. Order document trays or document cabinets from a stationery outlet to keep records in an orderly manner. Also, keep a calendar to ensure you don’t miss important dates and deadlines, or buy a bullet journal from CNA or Exclusive Books in Sandton City, to plan and prioritise your daily activities. This way, you’ll have an idea what’s important and how much time you have to spend on specific tasks.

Clean Off Your Desk

Engage in some serious decluttering by cleaning off your desk. As the saying goes, a tidy desk makes for a tidy mind, so conquer the mess and pave the way for clear thinking and clean workspaces. Chuck the things you don’t need into the trash, recycle and get organised. It will create a pleasant and productive environment and will save time when your boss requests something.

Make it an office day, involve colleagues to do the same. We know that it might seem like a dull chore, but if everyone’s on board, you can inject excitement and enjoyment along the way. Spice things up with a playlist or games to encourage speedier tidying. It will impact every individual’s wellbeing and increase overall productivity.

The same applies if you’re working from home. Clutter off your desk by only having your computer, mouse pad, mouse, diary or notebook and pen, and perhaps one other item such as a desk fan, plant, or family photo. Refrain from other items that might cause distractions.

Are you ready to start this year on a new page? Then let’s organise!