World Photography Day: We chose the top 5 snappable Sandton spots.

World Photography Day: We chose the top 5 snappable Sandton spots.

Like sands through the hourglass… Fast forward, please!

Like light rays bouncing through the lens, these are the days of our lives. We bet you can’t imagine your life without a camera, capturing all the sweet moments, whether it’s a loved one’s birthday, graduation, wedding, or just annual holidays spent together.

It’s recorded that the average person captures 8.1 photos per day in Africa. So, when last have you taken a random photo? The click, the flash of light and the moment captured happen more often than we realise.

For photographers, this is very noticeable. It’s a passion that they have compassion for and one worth sharing! So whether you’re a pro or just love to show, print or digital, we invite you to celebrate World Photography Day with us on Friday, 19 August 2022.

How to celebrate World Photography Day in Sandton Central

Let’s pay tribute to this incredible art form by sharing your photo finds with the community. It can be anything: a group of people, a sunrise, someone caught indulging in ice cream or a fashionable gentleman tying his shoe in the middle of the hustle and bustle. Snap a few pictures of yourself too, and share all your best shots with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WorldPhotoDay and #SandtonPhotoDay.

Go wild; make a collage, a video, hire a photo studio with friends for the day and take all kinds of photos – casual, professional, perhaps for marketing purposes? Or choose any of these best views in Sandton for your photo backdrops.

  1. Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel

Just across the street from the train station, near Johannesburg’s city centre, the hotel offers modern amenities, making it one of the top spots for photography. An on-site bar and restaurant offer authentic SA cuisine, international favourites, and drinks. Their outdoor swimming pool offers an incredible view too.

  1. Mushroom Park

Mushroom Farm Park, or Hyundai Sky Park, is a small green lung in the heart of Sandton. It used to be a mushroom farm, thus the name. It’s one of those tiny places that pack a lot to see. With its playground, hilly landscaped lawns and an outdoor gym, it’s popular with families for weekend picnics. Dial-a-picnic now and snap a few shots!

  1. Naked Coffee Sandton

Not only does Naked sell small-batch, hand-roasted, 100% Arabica coffee beans and blends produced using artisan methods, but their décor is also clean and reminiscent of a European style – fusing wood and copper tabletops. One of its most exemplary traits is that it’s incredibly Instagrammable. Check them out!

  1. Nelson Mandela Square

Nelson Mandela Square is an open-air piazza anchored by a majestic six-metre statue of Nelson Mandela. Drawing inspiration from European-style piazzas, Nelson Mandela Square remains one of Africa’s most exclusive dining and lifestyle destinations. While you’re there, treat yourself to some fine dining and exclusive shopping.

  1. Discovery

Discover Growthpoint and Zenprop’s sensually shaped building designed to encourage motion and connection. Like a spaceship set to sail, this building will add to your photos’ unique visual signature, giving it that monumental statement.

These five spots are excellent for photography; however, we think anywhere in Sandton Central’s streets is perfect! Make it heart-warming and just downright fascinating! But we’ll appreciate whatever you share.

Happy Photography Day, shutterbugs!