International Nurses Day – Let’s Celebrate The Real Stars!

International Nurses Day – Let’s Celebrate The Real Stars!

If you think about the healthcare system, who would you say are the most important people? Our doctors? Unfortunately, many people seem to think that way, but it’s simply not true. Nurses play an integral part in all our medical institutions, and yes, sometimes the underdog, but they’re the ones taking responsibility for patients’ welfare, safety and recovery.

Celebrate these angels with us during Nurse’s Week from 6 to 12 May and on International Nurses Day, Wednesday, 12 May 2021, just like any other year! Let’s honour their enormous amount of knowledge and many diverse skills they spend years developing and perfecting as well as the hours spent in challenging and stressful environments.

These individuals are a critical link in our medical ecosystems – they bring new life into the world, take care of the sick and injured, very often physically and emotionally, and despite their best efforts, they sometimes see their patients pass on. They are vigilant, and on many occasions, they were the ones noticing a mistake in a doctor’s prescription in time to save someone’s life…

International Nurses Day 2021

Let’s acknowledge our nurses’ voices, hard work, long hours, and emotional duress that forms part of their lives. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) announced the theme for International Nurses Day 2021 (#IND2021): Nurses: A Voice to Lead and sub-theme: A Vision for Future Healthcare.

Let’s face it. The pandemic has hit us hard, and we’ve experienced the vital role nurses play in keeping people healthy. At first, there have been significant disruptions to healthcare, but the innovation to improve access to care has been astonishing. Therefore, 2021’s focus is to change and innovate nursing even further to ultimately shape the future of healthcare.

Yearly, there are numerous resources from the ICN to inform the public and support nurses; however, they’re calling all nurses to share their stories in a case-study form of weaknesses in our health systems and proposed models of care where nurses are at the centre. Our future healthcare systems can only be achieved when nurses are part of the planning.

Guidelines and templates on how to submit a case study can be found here.

Let’s Celebrate The Real Stars

First of all, if you know a nurse or a nurse has been taking care of you, show him or her how much you appreciate their efforts. It doesn’t have to be grand or cost money… They’re not robots and a simple ‘thank you’ will, without a doubt, make your nurse’s day. Arrange with family members to bring along a box of chocolates, a nice bottle of wine, or anything else that your nurse might like and surprise him or her.

Small gestures go a long way. Even if you’re not in the hospital anymore, send a pizza or a cake to the entire medical team. Whatever you choose to do, remember that it’s the thought that counts the most.

If you’re a teacher, Twinkl’s International Nurses Day Adult Guidance is full of inspiration with links to fun and engaging resources to teach scholars about the important day. There’s also the history behind it all with the life and work of Florence Nightingale. Then, of course, there are colouring pages which is a lovely resource that you can use to celebrate International Nurses Day. For older pupils, here are more detailed resources.

Happy International Nurses Day to all South African nurses!