Instagrammable Spaces: Capture your Magic moments

Instagrammable Spaces: Capture your Magic moments

Instagrammable Spaces: Capture your Magic moments at Sandton Central

They say life is not about how many breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away.

We couldn’t agree more.

Our minds are active (and often in overdrive) every second of the day. Whether it’s in the shower figuring out complex socio-political issues or in bed winning an argument you had a week ago, your brain works. A lot. And if we were to hold on to everything it encountered, chances are we’d short circuit.

With this in mind (no pun intended) one could safely say that life consists of moments. Memorable moments, but moments nonetheless. In between the noise, chaos and occasional boredom, these moments shine bright- often highlights which make it all worth it.

And, sometimes, you wish those moments could last forever.

But what if they could?

These days everything is experienced twice- first in real life, and second when we share it. We live in a digital age. We share. We talk. We live and laugh- but all in plain view of other people. And with the rise of social media, a phenomenon in its own right, recent years have given birth to a new kind of moment.

The Instagrammable moment.

And with Instagrammable moments come Instagrammable Spaces.

Instagrammable Spaces

But how is this relevant?

Simply put, Instagram is changing the world we live in. In fact, it’s gone so far as to literally alter the physical spaces we occupy. Small, subtle changes have begun to affect hitherto untouched visual landscapes. It impacts building design, lighting, public spaces and stores. Restaurants have become more flamboyant in search of virality. Seating arrangements, fancy plating and aesthetic menu designs- it’s done “for the gram” as much as for the consumer.

As for our local hotspots? They’re up there too. Hotels are adjusting their architecture with the aim of harnessing free publicity. Malls, picturesque views and even museums aren’t exempt. In fact, there’s an entirely new genre devoted to the cause; the “made for Instagram experience”. These are spaces that serve little to no purpose other than provide amazing photo opportunities. And they sell out. Fast.

Such is the Instagrammisation of the world.

Much could be said about superficiality and the way social media has diminished our ability to live in the moment. We couldn’t disagree more. We choose to see it the exact opposite- and no, this isn’t us looking through Instagram filtered lenses.

Life is stressful and sometimes overwhelming. Who’s to say we don’t need more magic moments? To us, there’s something special about making every instant picture perfect. It makes for some amazing memories afterwards.

We’re all about fun, friends and good times no matter your idea of perfect. It could be a sumptuous cup of coffee or a much anticipated first date. Or it could be something completely unexpected…

We say this because there’s more to our district than our Diamond Walk and Nelson Mandela Square. Here’s the thing- any adventure worth truly remembering involves walking off the beaten path.

Here are our picks for your magic moment: now go forth and conquer!

Instagrammable Spaces

Head to Sandton Central Park:

If you’re looking to truly immerse yourself in nature, Sandton Central Park offers a welcome break from our concrete jungle. Small but popular, it offers ample greenery, indigenous trees, benches and even sculptured garden beds. Get those young ones (or even a loved one) ready, keep those cameras on standby and say hello to some outdoor fun.

Catch a Show at Theatre on the Square:

Not much more to say. Get fancy, be extra, and indulge in entertainment the old-fashioned way. If not for anything else, do it for the pictures.

Take a look at our Green Star Rated Buildings:

The world is bigger than Sandton Central- which is why we’re focused on improving the environment around us. Fun fact: between the Nedbank Building, our Discovery Head office, Sasol and Alice Lane Phase 2, our district boasts a plethora of cutting edge, eco-friendly buildings. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re completely stunning.

Explore the Hyundai Sky Mushroom Farm Park:

Small but powerful, this oasis in a sea of buildings comes with a whole lotta heart. Exercise. Picnic. Walk your dogs. Gym. Ride a balloon- we could list these all day, but you get the drift.

We invite you to not just take awesome photos but make priceless memories in the process.

Because maybe we won’t fully understand their impact right now, but there may come a day when looking back is all we have- so let’s make those captured moments as sweet as possible.