Father’s Day: The most fun you’ll ever experience in Sandton.

Father’s Day: The most fun you’ll ever experience in Sandton.

Fathers and father figures are given an annual special day too, and this year it’s on Sunday, 19 June 2022. We’re honouring them for their contribution and influence in their households and communities with unique gifts and experiences; however, sometimes, it’s hard to find the perfect item or decide on the best idea.

We are here to help you with those items or experiences to make this Father’s Day the best yet! Generally, fathers are more fun than mothers with their jokes and calm demeanours, and therefore we think you should have a laid-back, yet impressive day planned.


Skip the traditional English breakfast and start your day with something sweet from Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream at The Marc. We’re sure that everyone will have tons of energy for the rest of the day after this. Which flavour of ice cream do you think your old man will go for?


All dads love gadgets, and if they say they don’t, they’re just hiding it from their other half. Pop into Sandton City’s gadget stores, such as Incredible Connection, for the latest computer gadgets. Perhaps your father is a perfume type of gentleman? Hugo Boss Red is just around the corner for impeccable quality fragrances. Test all of them; even if you end up smelling like a botanical garden, just enjoy the time together.


Do something else for a change! Get in contact with Urban Warrior Boxing Gym and find out if you could book a quick session to teach your dad (and yourself) the basics of boxing. View some of the artwork at Berman Contemporary Art Gallery, even if neither of you is into brushes nor strokes. You’ll be amazed at the type of mediums modern artists have lately, and who knows, your dad might like something so much that you end up buying it as a Father’s Day gift.

If you decide not to do any of the above and want to play it safe, inside Sandton Central is enough to keep your toppie occupied. If he loves games, then be sure to shift gears into BT Games’ direction; choose Hamley’s if he’s more of a toy person, no not as a kid, but we know how even children’s toys can fascinate any man.

Enough horsing around, wouldn’t you say? Let’s get down to the important part. Ster-Kinekor promises great moments at their greatest, especially with new releases such as Top Gun: Maverick and Lightyear. These two films should definitely be included! Or at least one.


The Baron is the perfect lunch spot to treat your ‘Pop’ to a fantastic lunch. They have everything! However, we suggest picking a meal from the Chef’s Pick section because it’s nyum! Not that the other options aren’t, we guess this is just our favourite section. Make a booking today; you’ll love it there!


A busy day out in town can easily make a person exhausted. Why don’t you book a night’s stay at one of Sandton Central’s popular accommodation sites? After lunch, a quick nap could also work before heading to the next entertainment activity or dinner at one of Sandton’s top restaurants.

We hope that you spend this day with your papa wisely. Have fun and create the most beautiful memories to capture in your family photos!

Happy Father’s Day, Sandton!