Easter: Weekend getaways, crafts, true meaning, food recipes

Easter: Weekend getaways, crafts, true meaning, food recipes

Easter: Weekend getaways, crafts, true meaning, food recipes

What does Easter mean to you?
The most obvious significance falls within a religious context. Resurrection, hope, the power of the Almighty and so much more. Easter has come to symbolise the greatest sacrifice known to man. To this day, it stands as a proud beacon of Christianity across the world.

However, we in South Africa live in a diverse and multi-cultural country. In fact, the world as a whole has evolved into a global village, which means people of different faiths and backgrounds are also exposed to certain traditions. In days gone by, Eid was for Muslims, Diwali Hindus and Yom Kippur the Jewish.

It’s a proud symbol of our time that in 2019, a previously religious holiday can have an impact on everyone.

However, not being a Christian means the significance of certain days can be diluted amongst others. To many, April just means public holidays and time away from work. They love it because let’s face it, what’s not to love? But, in the absence of religious commitments, you may find yourself with a lot of spare time on your hands.

To this we say, no worries. There’s an abundance of public holidays, which means the potential for fun is limitless.

We could suggest a day somewhere kid friendly, looking for eggs. Because, let’s face it, you don’t need to be Christian to love chocolate and candy. Or candy covered chocolate. But each activity has the propensity to alienate someone- either the kids have all the fun, Dad wishes he was watching soccer or Mom just rolls her eyes.

Our suggestion? Give everyone something special. Life is about balance, and there’s no better way to balance things out than by giving everyone the best long weekend ever.

First off, get excited. Easter is coming! You can tell by the slight change in the weather, the abundance of bunny related merchandise and, of course, chocolate. Chocolate everywhere. Which, in our minds, is the greatest win around. However, it’s easy to get caught up in materialism and external expectations. Sometimes we get so worried about shopping we forget the day itself.

So our next step would be to take a step back, detach from the world and think.

Easter: Weekend getaways, crafts, true meaning, food recipes

How often do you do that anymore?

Everyone can remember and reflect on the very meaning of faith and what it was founded on. To many, religion presents a platform for peace and contentment. And amongst the grind of daily life, taking a day or two to truly reflect is something magical.

But how do you maximise the day?

Easter is a great time to invite friends and family into your home and share the love over a meal. Ever notice that almost every situation is made better with good food or great company? It doesn’t even have to be your usual crowd. It could be a neighbour, it could be a colleague, or it could be both. But then again, let’s be honest, nobody wants to spend their long weekend cooking. If that’s you, keep the company but change the venue- you know where to go.

Easter is also all about quality time and amazing bonding experiences.

Let’s be honest: with work, school or varsity, the people closest to us often get the least amount of time. As such, these are the moments we should truly make the most of. Take a walk in the park or spend the day capturing moments. Watch a movie, grab dinner, have a look at our buildings or just go bar hopping. Life is too short and public holidays too infrequent to throw away sleeping.

There’s something for everyone at Sandton Central. You don’t even need a plan- just get here and make things up as you go along. Buy things, eat things, watch things and see things. It may not be the season to be merry, but it’s as much a celebration of life as anything else.

And what better way to celebrate life than good times with loved ones?

Easter: Weekend getaways, crafts, true meaning, food recipes