A Mixologist’s Dream: Celebrate World Cocktail Day In Sandton Central At These World-Class Bars

A Mixologist’s Dream: Celebrate World Cocktail Day In Sandton Central At These World-Class Bars

A beer? That’s a drink. A perfectly balanced, beautifully presented and lovingly sipped cocktail? That’s an artwork. Sandton Central plays host to tons of incredible cocktail bars, from sprawling sky bars to tucked-away hidden gems.

If you’re planning on celebrating World Cocktail Day on the 13th of May, Sandton Central is the place to be for the sort of liquid feast you’d gulp down in a matter of seconds if it wasn’t so pretty to look at. Keep reading for our top cocktail picks in Sandton Central, and our go-to order whenever we visit!

First, though… what exactly is a cocktail?

Ah, the cocktail! A delicately balanced blend of spirits, mixers and garnishes that has been bringing people together (and sometimes driving them apart, after a few too many) for centuries. But what exactly is a cocktail?

Is it just any old drink with alcohol in it? Not quite. A cocktail is much more than that. A cocktail is a carefully crafted recipe that combines multiple ingredients in just the right proportions to create a perfect harmony of flavours. It’s like a symphony in a glass, with each ingredient playing its own part in the overall composition.

And just like a symphony, a cocktail can be sweet, sour, bitter, or even a little bit funky. So next time you’re sipping on a delicious cocktail, take a moment to appreciate the artistry that went into its creation. That’s a time-honed craft.

Our cocktail picks in Sandton Central

If you’re in the mood for a view, try The San Deck

Famously dubbed “the best sundowner spot in Sandton,” the San Deck at the Sandton Sun is a sight to behold. Dotted with fire and elegant furnishings, socialise with the sophisticated clientele while sipping on statement cocktails from the bar’s bold signature menu. This all-day rooftop setting is fab for a boozy brunch and slow sunset sips alike, so be sure to make a booking when you can take your time and absorb the sun, sights and sounds of Sandton from above.

We recommend you order: The San Sunset, a citrus-noted dark rum delight that will warm you up on a dusky autumn evening – from the inside out.

If you want to rock and roll all night, try the Hard Rock Cafe

A Mixologist’s Dream: Celebrate World Cocktail Day In Sandton Central At These World-Class Bars

As Sandton’s premier live music bar, Sandton City’s Hard Rock Café is here to awaken the headbanger in you. Appointed with a fully functional stage, a collection of music memorabilia, and a badass attitude, this is where you should visit when you’re ready to strap on your Doc Martens and ride the lightning! The bar’s contemporary twist on American cuisine is sure to leave you feeling fuller than the lineup of Woodstock ’69, and their mixologist’s generous hand with cocktail classics guarantees one satisfying sip.

We recommend you order: The New Orleans classic, the Hurricane! Let the music (and the cocktails) whip you into a night-out!

If you’re ready to see and be seen, try out 011 Sandton Gin Eatery

If you’re ready to see and be seen, try out 011 Sandton Gin Eatery

If “trendy” is your middle name and hip urban flavours are your game, your newest favourite hangout might just be the 011 Sandton Gin Eatery. Not only does the venue house upmarket décor and an immaculately curated set of in-house DJ talent, but the magic mixologists know how to perfectly balance on-trend gin botanicals with mixers that enhance and highlight the carefully selected flavour notes of the complex spirit.

Making a gin cocktail is a lot like being a trapeze artist. Executed well, a gin cocktail is a delightful, airy spectacle – but executed badly, things can go very, very wrong. Thankfully the liquid acrobats at 011 Sandton never seem to miss.

We recommend you order: One of their wide range of delicious gin cocktails. Simply describe what you like to one of their expert bartenders, and the 011 team will whip you up your ideal refreshment. Heaps of garnish included.

For dinner and drinks in style, try Saint

For dinner and drinks in style, try Saint

You’re not the average cocktail connoisseur, and this isn’t the average pizza joint. Saint is the brainchild of innovative restaurateur David Higgs, and the elegant space elevates Italian dinner classics to a fine-dining level, while still being accessible enough not to lose that “comfort-food” flair. Saint’s cocktail menu does the same thing, taking the classics and sprucing them up with a 2023 twist. By choosing simplicity in their cocktail concoctions, the saint mixologists highlight the beauty of their quality, imported liquors, and let the flavours of far-off lands speak for themselves.

We recommend you order: The Sinful Saint. If you thought tequila was just for shots, you thought wrong. Let this Don Julio Reposado-forward cocktail change the way you think about this liquid gold.

Whether you’re treating yourself to a self-care solo sip, romancing that special someone over delicious drinks, or heading out with friends to celebrate being alive this World Cocktail Day, we recommend doing it in Sandton Central.

Our fashionable, diverse community perfectly complements our cosmopolitan selection of must-visit venues. The Sandton Central experience is unforgettable, so pair those memories with delicious drinks for the cherry (and lemon wedge) on top.