We’re going vegan this November!

We’re going vegan this November!

This blog post is a celebration of the month-long event called World Vegan Month. There are so many benefits to being vegan! For example, you can save money by not buying meat or dairy products. You also have better blood pressure levels and lower cholesterol than those who eat animal products. Even more benefits come from switching to a plant-based diet, such as less risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity! It’s time to go vegan this November!

Why veganism is a growing trend

A rising movement has been taking place in the world in recent years. It is a movement that decries all acts of cruelty and unnecessary violence against the animals on the earth. Its members range from those who merely won’t eat or wear anything made from animal flesh or skin to those who actively campaign in every way against these practices in any form. It is also an awareness that eating an animal-free diet is healthier for the body and better for the planet.

The vegan lifestyle is growing in popularity, but many people are still curious about its reasons. Vegans avoid eating or using animal products for ethical, environmental, and health reasons. They believe that animals should not be used as food because they do not want to contribute to their suffering or death.  Vegans choose a plant-based diet for the environment because it produces less greenhouse gas than meat-eating diets and requires fewer resources like water and land. Lastly, some people switch to a vegan diet for health reasons since multiple studies have proved that this diet can lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease more effectively than other diets.

In today’s society, where eating habits are constantly changing for better or worse, veganism is one of the newest trends that seems to be sticking around worldwide. Studies have found that if the world went vegan, it could save 8 million human lives by 2050, reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture by two-thirds, lead to healthcare-related savings, and avoid climate damages of $1.5 trillion.

How to celebrate World Vegan Month

Make a vegan dish. One way to celebrate Vegan Month is by eating vegan, of course! For new vegans or individuals who want to eat more plant-based, below we have compiled a brief list of super-easy vegan meals, most of which can be prepared quickly. These are non-fancy, tasty, affordable vegan dish ideas for the beginner vegan.

Breakfast pancakes  – Many new vegans are surprised to learn that you can make delicious vegan pancakes, waffles, or even crepes without eggs or cow milk. And you won’t even taste the difference! Enjoy these pancakes made with only 6 ingredients. Perfect for those lazy weekend mornings.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – Soft, chewy, and full of flavour, these easy Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookies make a delicious dessert or a healthy breakfast.

Vegan Brownies – These are perfect for vegans and people following a dairy-free diet. Enjoy these squidgy brownies that have a hint of coffee in them.

Jamie Oliver’s Greek-inspired cauliflower stew might take you 1 ½ hour to make, but you just can’t resist this wholesome stew with olives, zingy lemon, fresh tomatoes, potatoes and peas.

Remember to pop by Benmore’s Pick n Pay, Sandton City’s Woolworths or Checkers, or The Marc’s Pick n Pay or Food Lovers Eatery to get all the ingredients you’ll need for your vegan dishes.

Visit a vegan restaurant or eat a vegan dish at a restaurant you usually dine at. Nowadays, restaurants have tried to be accommodating to their vegan and vegetarian customers. Why not try out some of these options in celebration of Vegan Month?

Lexi’s Healthy Eatery at 24 Central is the perfect spot for this celebration! Lexi’s is a mostly plant-based, healthy eatery that aims to make this lifestyle a little bit more accessible and convenient for our community.

Don’t forget about Kauai at Benmore. They have a wide variety of food preferences and great options for vegans!

Pick up some new vegan cookbooks at the bookstore. Best way to start your vegan journey is to get some good cookbooks. CNA or Exclusive Books at Sandton City, or Benmore’s CNA and Exclusive Books, will also assist.

Learn about how animals are treated today by watching documentaries such as “Seaspiracy” or reading books like “Eating Animals” or “The Vegetarian Myth”. You can get these books at Sandton Central’s bookstores. Don’t forget that The Marc also has a CNA.

Take on more of an eco-friendly lifestyle by using reusable grocery bags, using glass containers in the house, and turning off lights when leaving the room.

World Vegan Month is a time to celebrate the power of plant-based foods and lifestyle, as well as all those who make it their business to promote veganism. However you choose to celebrate World Vegan Month, be sure to share it far and wide using the #WorldVeganMonth and #WorldVeganDay hashtags on social media.