Joburg Tourism Celebrates Tourism Month

Joburg Tourism Celebrates Tourism Month

Besides being the start of a new Spring Season, September is a wonderful month of celebration – including Tourism Month, Heritage Day and Arbour Day, every special day a chance to remind residents and potential visitors of Joburg’s appeal as an exciting, vibrant and diverse all year round destination for business and leisure.

“With the recent re-launch of Welcome2Joburg – A City Reimagined campaign in August as a precursor to welcome back visitors to the City, during September the Tourism Unit will use various platforms and activities to promote tourism activities in the City and surroundings,” says Thandubuhle Mgudlwa, Director: Joburg Tourism.

“All these special days to celebrate specific milestones also speak to our strategy to grow and develop environmentally responsible, sustainable, community-based domestic tourism,” says Mgudlwa.

With the country and the world negotiating its way through virtual experiences, meetings and events, it’s thrilling news that sites and attractions are starting to open up to real-life visitors again – albeit with strict social distancing and health protocols in place.

Since there are no public events taking place during this time, the Tourism Unit is seeking to partner with local stakeholders to drive visitors to the operating products by promoting them under the Welcome2Joburg campaign.

Aside from a fabulous programme of events, we also have hotels throughout the city participating through special accommodation packages and food and beverage promotions, all of which go in to entrenching Joburg as a sophisticated, diverse and cosmopolitan brand.

While never losing sight of our global marketing objectives and the allure of overseas travel, it’s also important to take time out to enjoy being a tourist in our own backyard and to discover how rich our country is in terms of colorful historical, cultural and lifestyle experiences!

Welcome2Joburg – A City Reimagined
Joburg Tourism launched its Welcome2Joburg – A City Reimagined campaign in August, just ahead of Tourism Month 2020.

Currently running on its social media platforms, the campaign is a celebration of the City of Gold (Jozi or Joburg to locals) – whose heritage sites and tourist attractions are still standing after the impact of the global pandemic and as eager as ever to welcome back visitors.

The Welcome2Joburg – A City Reimagined campaign takes potential visitors on a journey of exploring the city’s diverse offerings – ranging from outdoor activities, leisure, and nightlife to heritage, lifestyle, its world class education and business facilities and infrastructure.

“A City Reimagined is a campaign which captures the heart and soul of Joburg, showing its resilience and how the city is back in business as Level 2 Lockdown opens up economic activity in the tourism sector, with strict safety protocols in place. Clearly, Joburg remains a destination to be explored and enjoyed,” says Councillor Lloyd Phillips, MMC for Economic Development in the City of Johannesburg.

Known as the melting pot of Africa, Joburg’s diversity is palpable in its atmosphere and visible on the friendly faces of its people, ever ready to greet visitors in a variety of indigenous languages including ‘kasie taal’. All of this is captured by the campaign, showing off Joburg’s heart and soul, warmth, hospitality and uniquely inviting character. Visit our Twitter (@visitjoburg) and our Facebook page to discover why those who live in Joburg love it – and those who visit our city never forget it!

To view the Welcome2Joburg – A City Reimagined campaign click here:

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