Indulge in a Chocolate Adventure: Celebrating World Chocolate Day in Sandton Central

Indulge in a Chocolate Adventure: Celebrating World Chocolate Day in Sandton Central

“When no one understands you, chocolate is there.” 

That’s some age-old wisdom. Chocolate IS the ultimate treat, and that’s why our precinct is a haven for chocolate lovers. Get ready for a mouth-watering journey as Sandton Central gears up to celebrate World Chocolate Day on the 7th of July!  

This delightful occasion calls for a celebration of all things choccie-related in our vibrant neighbourhood. From delectable chocolate croissants to luxurious high teas and artisanal truffles, Sandton Central has an array of sweet treats waiting to be discovered this month – just in time to warm your heart against the chilly weather.  

Join us as we explore the best spots to indulge your chocolate cravings and make the most of this delectable day. Disclaimer: Sandton Central will not be held responsible for any necessary waistband adjustments in the aftermath of this adventure. That’s between you and your fork!

A Chocolatey Breakfast: Croissants and More


The morning sun rises on the grand occasion of World Chocolate Day, and what better way to kick-start your chocolate adventure than with a scrumptious breakfast? Sandton Central boasts an assortment of bakeries that offer divine chocolate croissants and pastries.  

Sink your teeth into these flaky, buttery delights and lose yourself in the deliciousness. Start your day on a sweet note and let the chocolate-infused magic begin – you’re an adult, and you’re allowed to have chocolate for breakfast now! We’d recommend grabbing a freshly-baked treat at Fournos Bakery in Benmore Centre. Be sure to get there early though, these breakfast staples tend to sell out super-fast! 

High Tea with Chocolate Cake, Darling


As the day progresses, elevate your chocolate experience with a luxurious high tea. It’s time to get fancy! Sandton’s renowned hotels invite you to indulge in the elegance and sophistication of high tea, complete with a tantalising array of chocolate cakes and pastries.  

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of opulence while savouring each bite of the decadent chocolate creations. For the cream of the high tea crop, make sure to book a spot at the DaVinci Lounge High Tea at the DaVinci Hotel. You’ll also be handed a welcome drink and be graced with live entertainment. This is a classy affair! 

Ice Cream and Parks: A Sweet Afternoon 


After a delightful high tea, it’s time to cool off with some luscious chocolate ice cream. We know – life’s tough, right? Sandton Central offers a range of ice cream parlours where you can find the creamiest and most delightful chocolate-flavoured frozen treats. We’d suggest dropping in at Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream in The Marc to take a look at their interesting locally-inspired flavour combos.  

Then, to work off some of that sugar high, take a leisurely stroll through one of the nearby parks while surrounded by the beauty of nature. Why not check out Sandton Central Park? Let that chocolatey goodness melt on your tongue and savour the moment. This is the perfect winter afternoon. 

An Evening Mocha: The Perfect Transition


As the sun begins to set, embrace the transition from day to night with a premium Mocha. You’ve had a big day of adventuring, so it’s time for a little chocolatey pep-up to keep the spring in your step. Sandton Central is home to exquisite roasteries where you can enjoy a rich and aromatic coffee experience with a touch of chocolate.  

Sip on your perfectly crafted Mocha as you unwind in the trendy surroundings of Naked Coffee in Sandton City. The evening Mocha is the perfect bridge between indulgent daytime delights and the vibrant nightlife to come.

Nightlife with a Twist: Chocolate Dessert Cocktails


As darkness falls, Sandton Central’s upscale bars come alive with unique and tantalising chocolate-infused dessert cocktails. Immerse yourself in the sophisticated ambience while sipping on concoctions that combine the richness of chocolate with the creativity of mixology.  

A personal favourite of the Sandton Central team is the Chocolate Espresso Martini at the Hussar Grill. Let your taste buds dance with delight as you indulge in these chocolatey libations, the perfect accompaniment to a night filled with laughter and celebration. Remember, these treats are best when shared, so be sure to bring along your besties for an evening of indulgence: in great drinks AND company. 

A Luxurious End: Artisanal Truffles


No chocolate adventure would be complete without experiencing the exquisite craftsmanship of a master chocolatier to unwrap and devour in the cab on the way home. In Sandton Central, we are fortunate to have several renowned chocolatiers making edible works of art from milk and cocoa in our neighbourhood. Delve into a world of indulgence as you sample these handcrafted truffles, each one a testament to the passion and skill of the chocolatier. We’d recommend stopping in at Geldhof Chocolatier to create your own custom box of take-home truffles. Discover the perfect balance of flavours and textures, and let these delicate treats transport you to chocolate heaven. This day of deliciousness deserves a fitting closing chapter.

Bon Appetit, Sandtonites!


World Chocolate Day is a celebration that deserves to be experienced in all its glory, and Sandton Central provides the perfect backdrop for a chocolate-filled adventure. From the first bite of a chocolate croissant in the morning to the luxurious indulgence of artisanal truffles at night, our neighbourhood offers a plethora of chocolate delights. And they’re yours for the munching. So, mark your calendars for July 7th, gather your loved ones, and immerse yourself in a day of pure chocolate bliss in Sandton Central. Join us as we celebrate this delicious occasion and let your taste buds embark on an unforgettable journey through the world of chocolate. See you soon, Sandton sweet-toothers!