Have a Manly Movember in Sandton Central: 5 men’s health activities every man should do this November!

Have a Manly Movember in Sandton Central: 5 men’s health activities every man should do this November!

Every November, the Movember foundation runs worldwide initiatives to raise money and awareness of men’s health issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s mental health. Since the organisation began in 2004, they’ve raised over $837 million and funded over 1,200 projects in more than 20 countries. Most famously, the Movember Foundation urges men to grow their facial hair through November to increase awareness of early cancer detection, diagnosis and effective treatments and ultimately reduce the number of preventable deaths in the male population.

Whether you’re going to grow your mo’ this November or not, now might be a great time to shift your focus to men’s health and practice some self-care in Sandton Central. Men’s health is a critical and often overlooked consideration, and you and the boys deserve some me-time. We’ve compiled a Men’s Health must-dos list to check off in November. Treat yourself – you deserve it!

1. Get groomed, guys!

Did you know that getting a haircut can have actual psychological effects? Haircuts have a direct impact on mental health. A 2016 report from the Australian Institute of Male Health and Studies suggests that people – men especially – might find well-being benefits from regular visits to the barber. “Although men are at almost four times higher risk of committing suicide than women, men tend to seek help for physical and emotional problems less than women do,” the report says. Research indicates that men are “less likely than women to want to discuss problems with a therapist or seek emotional support.” However, men are more likely to speak to their barbers! “Barbers are a trusted and respected information source which allows individuals to be themselves,” the report elaborates.

Not only will a fresh fade make you look great, but it could take a weight off your chest, too! Schedule an appointment at Sorbet Man in Sandton City to get your hair done, your beard shaped, and your eyebrows groomed. You could even sneak in a MANicure too, and go for the whole package!

2. Sweat it out, bro.

If you’re feeling stressed out, sad, anxious, or depressed, your first stop should be the gym. The National Library of Medicine indicates that working out “improves mental health by reducing anxiety, depression, and negative mood and elevates self-esteem and cognitive function.” Taking care of your body with regular exercise also takes care of your mind! Exercise has also been found to “alleviate symptoms such as low self-esteem and social withdrawal if you’re struggling socially.” We’re not saying you need to turn into a powerlifter to be happy, as even small amounts of moderate exercise are enough to reap significant mental health benefits. The National Library of Medicine indicates that “thirty minutes of exercise of moderate intensity, such as brisk walking for 3 days a week, is sufficient for these health benefits. Moreover, these 30 minutes need not to be continuous; three 10-minute walks are believed to be as equally useful as one 30-minute walk.”

Get those muscles moving to get a smile on your face at Planet Fitness Gym in Sandton Central.

3. Check out a check-up

We know nobody likes going to the doctor. It’s out of the way, can feel like a waste of time if you’re not immediately feeling sick, and can sometimes be a little uncomfortable. Unfortunately, you have a responsibility to your own health to go for regular health check-ups, and this Movember should be your reminder to schedule one. According to Mayo Clinic, “men older than 50 should have a yearly physical exam, and men younger than 50 should have a physical exam every three to five years.” They further elaborate that “even if you’re feeling healthy, a regular check-up with your health care team is a good way to validate your health or identify a problem in its early stages.” As a man, you should be specifically asking your doctor to perform prostate and testicular screens at your check-up so that you can catch any warning signs of severe conditions before they become life-threatening.

If it’s time for a check-up, chat with the friendly staff at Morningside Mediclinic to schedule a doctor’s appointment.

4. You get out what you put in, so choose healthy fuel

We know eating healthy seems obvious, right? Well, sure, but it’s worth emphasising! According to the American Psychological Association, about 95 percent of the body’s serotonin is produced in the gut. Serotonin is the principal chemical in your brain that regulates your mood, and a lack of it could cause mental health issues like depression. Basically, what you eat literally affects your brain’s happiness mechanism! According to the folks over at Harvard University, “eating high-quality foods that contain lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants nourishes the brain and protects it from oxidative stress – the “waste” (free radicals) produced when the body uses oxygen, which can damage cells.” Eating a balanced, nutritional diet could literally prevent damage to your brain.

This November, protect your brain by grabbing healthy, nutritious meals at Kauai in Sandton City. It helps that they’re delicious, too!

5. Crack open a cold one with the boys

Between working, getting enough sleep, family obligations and juggling all the admin that comes with life in 2022, it can be challenging to prioritise having a social life. This November, we think it’s vital that you foreground socialising and make a concerted effort to spend some time with the people you appreciate. According to the Mercy Care organisation, regular socialising can “lighten your mood and make you feel happier, lower your risk of dementia, promote a sense of safety, belonging and security and allow you to confide in others and let them confide in you.” Hanging out with your friends is also, y’know… fun! If you’re missing them, they’re missing you too, which is your sign of reaching out.

Meet up with the boys at one of Sandton Central’s dozens of restaurants and bars. Try The Baron, Sandton, for an old-school relaxed pub vibe.

You owe yourself (or the man in your life, ladies) a little pampering this November. Whether it’s the serious stuff (like check-ups with doctors) or the fun stuff (like beers with the boys, this Movember is the perfect time to put yourself first and choose activities that bolster your mental and physical well-being. As a lifestyle hub, Sandton Central is jam-packed with everything you might need to feel your best, so you’re always right on the heels of the next good feeling. Come celebrate men’s health with us this month, mo-bro!