Old but gold: Discover the Antique Fair at Nelson Mandela Square

Old but gold: Discover the Antique Fair at Nelson Mandela Square

Who wants old furniture? Oh right – everyone! We love antiquing and we think you might too, so in celebration of the Antique Fair at Nelson Mandela Square, hosted in Sandton Central on the first Sunday of every month, we dug deep into the history of antiquing, the benefits of upcycling furniture, and tips and tricks for spotting a valuable piece out in the wild (or at the Antique Fair, of course.) We love the pre-loved!

The history of antiquing

Antiquing – as in, the hobby of collecting and shopping for antiques – has been around for centuries. Its origins can be traced back to the Renaissance era when art and antiques were highly valued and sought after. During the 18th and 19th centuries, antiquing became even more popular among the wealthy, as they began to collect antiques as a way to display their classiness and taste.

Today, antiquing continues to be a popular hobby and pastime for people of all backgrounds, from student thrifters to sophisticated collectors. It allows individuals to appreciate and preserve historical artefacts while also serving as a way to connect with the past!

Old but gold: Discover the Antique Fair at Nelson Mandela Square

The benefits of antiquing

– Antiquing allows you to learn about history and culture while exploring their personal interests and tastes.

– It can be a financially savvy way to furnish a home or add unique pieces to a collection. Not buying “new” means significant savings!

– It promotes recycling and reusing of items, making it an eco-friendly choice. Let’s add that cool retro sofa back into the leisure rotation.

– Antiquing provides a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for the craftsmanship and quality of bygone eras. Don’t tell us you don’t feel that warm, fuzzy feeling when you see your grandma’s Corningstone dishes!

– It can be a therapeutic activity that helps reduce stress and anxiety. Finding that perfect corner table for your space is a triumph!

– Antiquing allows you to express your unique personality and style through the selection of pieces with character. Add YOUR colour to our space.

– It’s fun as a hobby! Antique shopping is social, and interesting, and gets you out of the house and into interesting spaces.

Old but gold: Discover the Antique Fair at Nelson Mandela Square

Tips and tricks for spotting a valuable antique while shopping

Do Your Research: Before you go shopping for antiques, do some research on the specific types of items you’re interested in. Learn about the time periods, styles, and materials used, and familiarise yourself with the current market value for those items, especially if you’re looking to invest.

  1. Inspect the Piece:

When you find an antique that catches your eye, inspect it closely for any signs of wear and damage. Look for cracks, chips, or missing pieces, as these can significantly decrease the value of the item. If you still love the piece, use your observations as the basis to negotiate a discount!

  1. Check for Authenticity:

If you’re looking for valuable period pieces, check for any markings or signatures that indicate the piece’s authenticity. If there are no markings, do some research to determine the style and era of the item to help authenticate it.

  1. Examine the Details:

Look for unique and intricate details, such as hand-carved designs, intricate patterns, or unique colours. These details can increase the value of an antique.

  1. Check for Rarity:

Antiques that are rare or difficult to find are typically more valuable than common items. Keep an eye out for unique pieces that may be one-of-a-kind or part of a limited edition. Antiquing for rarity is like a big game of décor “Where’s Waldo.”

  1. Ask for Expert Opinions:

If you’re unsure about the value or authenticity of an antique, don’t be afraid to ask for an expert opinion. Many antique dealers or appraisers can provide insight into the value of a piece and help authenticate it. At the Antique Fair in Nelson Mandela Square, there are loads of antiquing aficionados who’ll be willing to help you understand the history behind the hidden gems you’ve discovered!

Old but gold: Discover the Antique Fair at Nelson Mandela Square

Let’s shop second-hand!

Whether you’re looking for an affordable piece to tie together your new home with funky retro flair, or you’re a seasoned veteran of the antiquing game, Sandton Central’s Antique Fair at Nelson Mandela Fair is the place to be.

Stop by every first Sunday of the month from 10 AM to 4 PM for a wide array of high-quality collector’s pieces on display and on sale, and decorate your home in a way that represents your style, personality, and artistic flair. We’re excited to uncover exceptional finds with you in the heart of Johannesburg!