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Leadercast 2019 at Sandton Convention Centre

With Leadercast approaching, here's a look at three of the speakers who will take the stage to teach audiences worldwide about the art and science of leading healthy teams.

Patrick Lencioni
The founder and president of The Table Group, Patrick's passion for organizations and teams is reflected in his writing and speaking and executive consulting, He is the author of eleven best-selling books.

Marcus Samuelsson
Marcus is the acclaimed chief behind many restaurants worldwide.By co-producing annual food festival and being co- chair on the board of directors for Careers through Culinary Arts Programs, Marcus has achieved many leadership skills working with diverse teams.

Juliet Funt
Juliet is the CEO of WhiteSpace at Work, a training and consulting firm that helps organization, their leaders and employees recognize the pivotal difference between activity and productivity. Juliet regularly wows audiences as high-impact, high energy speaker.


Leadership remains vital to the success of any company or organisation. One only has to see the rot in South Africa in the past decade to see the importance of honest, ethical leadership. Leadership is not a one person job, many ailing organisations suffer from a failure of leadership at levels below the C-suite. It is important that your team is empowered to self-lead and Leadercast provides the best place to reinforce the lessons of great leadership practice.

Join Leadercast 2019 on 6th June and give your team the opportunity to watch an exclusive broadcasting of some of today's most inspiring leaders. So get out of the office and enter into an environment that will encourage and stretch you into being more focused about the leadership principles you require to lead a healthy team.

6th June 2019
Johannesburg - Sandton Convention Centre

4th July 2019
Johannesburg - Sandton Convention Centre

For booking assistance or enquiries contact: Desiree Sumerun on 011 880-4808 or email

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