Find the Perfect Boss’ Gift in Sandton Central

Find the Perfect Boss’ Gift in Sandton Central

Let’s celebrate our bosses, supervisors, mentors and all those that dedicate themselves to the growth of others and push them to their highest potential! We can show our gratitude towards these influential individuals on Boss’s Day, Friday, 14 October 2022.

We often don’t think about what our bosses do or go through to ensure that we have work and receive our monthly salaries. Be honest; you too often think they are slave drivers with unrealistic expectations of what one person can accomplish in eight hours. Especially when they come with a ‘can you quickly do this’ request.

Let’s shift our thinking to the effort they put into their businesses for a moment – how they get new clients, keep old ones happy, and ensure that everything runs smoothly. It’s important to realise that they also must deal with unpleasant work situations.

Let’s gift our bosses!

So, how does one choose the perfect gift for your boss? It’s easy if you have a healthy relationship, but generally, no one wants to seem as if they are cosying up to the decision-maker. Well, we have a few points to keep in mind when approaching this:

  • Keep it simple
  • Use jokes as a cover or just say it out loud in a simple ‘Happy Boss’ Day, boss!’
  • Or, leave it to HR as that’s what Human Resources are for.

It’s well worth it for employees to show appreciation and maintain harmony in the office, even with a simple card. Our bosses are humans too, and not the faceless robots we often make them out to be. In secret, they would love to be part of the team, but it’s not entirely appropriate, so let them feel part just this one day.

The perfect boss’ gift in Sandton Central

There’s an incredible range of gifts for bosses available in Sandton Central. You’ll find remarkable stationery sets for her and the best-smelling colognes for him. Let’s have a look at our options.

  • Seattle Coffee in Alice Lane

You just can’t go wrong with a cup of java for your boss to escape their daily grind. Seattle Coffee’s baristas can make the coffee to suit your leader’s individual taste – nipped, tucked and crafted. Cappuccino is always a safe choice if you don’t know what your employer would like.

  • Benmore Centre

Benmore Centre is stacked with boss’ gifts! Make your pick of delicatessens ranging from beef to springbok at Biltong Republic for them. Everyone loves a bouquet, and Donna’s Flowers is the place to visit for baskets or vases with flowers. Every leader has some sort of guidance of their own; support them in their growth too, with a relevant book from Exclusive Books.

  • Nelson Mandela Square

Your boss will wear Tresor Rare with pride. Visit them in-store to choose the superb skin potion to fit your honcho. Offer a free, premium car wash at Sandton Car Care Centre. Their services include engine wash, full valets, paint corrections, vehicle & interior detailing, window tint and protective films.

  • Sandton City

Give thanks with a card with beautiful words from Cardies, and round it off with a cocoa paradise option from Geldhof Chocolatier. Another great idea is to ask if the office could enjoy the best-tasting frozen yoghurt available on the African continent at Yogurtland. It’s in the same league as ice cream and will definitely cheer up the day for everyone!

On the other hand, if you’re a boss reading this, give your workers a raise! We’re joking. Take the necessary steps to accept the gift with an effortless thank you, be gracious for the thought, and remind your employees of their importance – it’ll do wonders! Now, can you imagine what a slight raise will do?

Either way, we hope we can inspire you to sniff out the best gift for your top dog, right here in Sandton Central. Good luck!