Celebrate the Winter Solstice in Sandton Central: The Ultimate Night Out

Celebrate the Winter Solstice in Sandton Central: The Ultimate Night Out

As the longest night of the year approaches, there’s no better place to embrace the Winter Solstice than Sandton Central. Whether you’re a night owl or a weekend warrior, we’ve crafted the perfect guide to ensure your Winter Solstice celebration is nothing short of spectacular. From dazzling performances and exquisite dining to luxurious accommodations, Sandton Central promises an unforgettable experience on June 20th and beyond.

Hotel Sky Sandton: Your Ultimate Winter Solstice Destination

Hotel Sky, Sandton’s most futuristic hotel (they have robot butlers), offers a variety of events that will elevate your Winter-Solstice celebration to new heights. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer:

Kick off your solstice celebration with a night of glitz and glamour. Every Friday, the Eclipse Restaurant hosts “Risqué,” an underground Smokey cabaret experience that will transport you to the heart of showbiz. For R450 per person, indulge in a two-course meal, a welcome drink, and a cheeky cabaret show that promises wit, charm, and endless entertainment. Dinner starts at 18:30, with the show beginning at 20:00. Secure your spot for this unforgettable night on Quicket and get ready to sashay the night away.

Love is in the air at Hotel Sky Sandton! On Thursday nights, Eclipse Restaurant offers a romantic dinner for two for just R690 per couple. This Date Night special is perfect for creating unforgettable memories with your special someone. Reserve your table now by emailing Eclipse@hotelsky.co.za or calling +27 010 880 4449. For more information, visit Eclipse Restaurant.

Indulge in culinary delights and create lasting memories with the two-for-one cocktail special at Hotel Sky Sandton. From Monday to Sunday, between 13:00 and 17:00, enjoy two cocktails for the price of one. Book now to secure your spot by contacting Eclipse@hotelsky.co.za or calling +27 010 880 4449.

Hilton Sandton Hotel: End of Bin and Steak and Grape Specials

For wine enthusiasts and food lovers, the Hilton Sandton Hotel offers two exceptional specials that will elevate your solstice celebration. The End of Bin special, running until June 30th, features rare and exquisite wines at irresistible prices, allowing you to savour the last sips of excellence. Pair your wine with the Steak and Grape special, where succulent steak meets premium grapes for a culinary journey priced at just R350. These specials are perfect for those seeking a sophisticated dining experience amidst the winter festivities.

Theatre on the Square: Happiness Economy Comedy Tour

Laughter is the best way to warm up on a cold winter night, and the Theatre on the Square has just the ticket. From June 18-22, catch Jason and Nicholas Goliath in the Happiness Economy Comedy Tour. Their hilarious take on daily life, relationships, and the pursuit of joy will leave you in stitches. On June 20th, join the comedy event of the year at 20:00 for an evening of riotous laughter and raw, real comedy. Tickets are R200, and with no under-16s allowed, it’s an adult night out you won’t want to miss.

Friday Night and beyond: More Festivities Await

If Thursday night isn’t enough, or if you prefer to extend your celebration into the weekend, Sandton Central has even more to offer. On Friday, June 21st, continue the revelry with additional events and activities. Whether it’s more fine dining, exclusive wine specials, or just soaking in the vibrant nightlife, Sandton Central ensures your Winter Solstice weekend is packed with excitement and elegance.

Best Clubs and Bars in Sandton Central

After the main events, keep the night alive by exploring Sandton Central’s vibrant nightlife. Here are some of the best spots to keep the party going:

  • Cocoon Lounge
    Located in the heart of Sandton, Cocoon Lounge is the epitome of chic and stylish nightlife. With its sophisticated decor, world-class DJs, and a dance floor that never quits, it’s the perfect spot for those who want to dance the night away in style. The ambience is electrifying, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the high-energy vibe of Sandton Central.
  • Alice and Fifth
    Alice and Fifth offers an upscale ambience and eclectic vibe, blending luxurious interiors with an avant-garde spirit. Known for its live performances and unique cocktails, this venue is perfect for those looking to enjoy a night out with a touch of elegance. It’s a hotspot for both locals and tourists seeking a memorable night filled with entertainment and glamour.
  • Alto 234
    Experience the highest urban bar in Africa at Alto 234. Located on the rooftop of The Leonardo, this bar offers breathtaking views of the Johannesburg skyline. Sip on exquisite cocktails as you soak in the panoramic vistas, making it a perfect spot for a romantic evening or a sophisticated night out. The combination of height, luxury, and superb service ensures an unforgettable experience.
  • San Deck and Bar
    For those who enjoy a relaxed outdoor setting with stunning city views, San Deck and Bar is the place to be. Located at the Sandton Sun, this bar offers a laid-back vibe with comfortable seating and a variety of drinks. It’s perfect for a casual evening out, whether you’re unwinding after a long day or starting your night with a few drinks under the stars.

Luxurious Accommodations: The Maslow and the Davinci

After a night of celebration, you’ll need a cosy haven to rest and rejuvenate. Whether you’ve overdone the solstice celebrations or just need a plush bed to fall into, Sandton Central’s premier hotels have you covered:

  • The Maslow
    Located in the heart of Sandton, The Maslow offers top-notch amenities and a serene environment, perfect for unwinding after a night out. With its luxurious rooms, world-class service, and tranquil gardens, The Maslow provides a sanctuary of relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of Sandton Central. Wake up refreshed and ready to explore more of what Sandton has to offer.
  • The Davinci
    Combining luxury and comfort, The Davinci ensures you wake up refreshed and ready for more weekend adventures. Situated on Nelson Mandela Square, this hotel is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. Enjoy the stylish decor, impeccable service, and proximity to Sandton’s top attractions. It’s the ideal retreat for those who want to experience the best of Sandton Central in style.

The Ultimate Night Out

Celebrate the Winter Solstice in Sandton Central, where the longest night of the year becomes the most memorable. From dazzling cabaret shows and exquisite dining specials to side-splitting comedy and luxurious accommodations, Sandton Central promises an unparalleled experience. Embrace the magic of the solstice and make this night one for the ages. Your ultimate night out awaits!