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Beauty Business Class PTY Ltd

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Address 13 Fredman Drive
Fredman Towers
Telephone 082 656 9339

Beauty Business Class Philosophy

In line with Google they don’t just create jobs, they create a culture, one in which people are valued and appreciated every day. Google’s locations have full fitness facilities, daily classes and healthy food available throughout the day; as a result, employees feel cared for and valued.

Wellness in 4 Steps:

1. Determine the needs of employer AND employee.

2. Analyse the data and create a plan.

3. Create a communication plan

4. Put an incentive plan in place

The benefits, from improved mental stamina to helping employees focus on work, are all issues that are critical to companies like Google. "Because these factors all contribute to our goal to develop a happy, healthy, productive workplace. The Internet icon consistently earns accolades for its employee benefits package, and obviously health and wellness rank pretty high up there as "Important Things To Consider”. Some Google campuses even keep doctors, nurses, and other healthcare services on site for employee convenience. Based on Google’s philosophy, Beauty Business Class is the brainchild of Lindie and Melinda. Together they envisaged opening wellness salons just for corporates. Numerous corporates sponsor their employees beauty and grooming treatments for birthdays and incentives. 

Let Beauty Business Class be a continuous incentive and executive styled programme offered by corporates.

Lindie Le Roux is the Director of Beauty Business Class with 12 years experience in the Contact Centre Industry specialising in Management, Resource Planning, Reporting, Process and System Enhancements, Quality Assurance and Project Management. 

Melinda Hazafi van der Walt is the Director of Helia-D International and has several regional Health and Beauty Training Campuses. Helia-D International is accredited. Melinda Waxes is nationally distributed by Helia-D International and has an extensive range of depilatory waxes. Melinda is the National Trainer for Brazilian Waxing in South Africa. She has 25 years experience in distribution within the beauty industry and consults with numerous salons and also trains students in waxing nationally at salons and beauty colleges.

Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri: 6am to 8pm

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