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About Sandton Central

The Sandton Central Management District has formed a marketing partnership with the Sandton Tourism and Business Association (ST&BA) and thus members of the ST&BA, even those outside the Sandton Central boundaries, have been included in this directory.

The Sandton Central Management District is the commercial centre of South Africa and is home to three business improvement districts. Together, these three improvement districts and thus the Sandton Central Management District, manages the public space bound by Sandton Drive, Katherine Street into Wierda Road East and West, West Street, along Rivoinia Road and including Grayston Drive.

Funded by the commercial property owners the Sandton Central Management District was founded to ensure the creation of an exceptional experience of this key node of Johannesburg. It has been established for the employee, visitor, tourist, shopper, property owner and resident of Sandton Central and thus focuses on how this area can better serve these stakeholders.

A dedicated Sandton Central team focuses on operations, finances and place-marketing by supplying services supplementary to those provided by local council. These services are based on an international place-making hierarchy that looks at how cities move from an unpleasant to an exceptional experience.

The first level of this hierarchy aims at securing the improvement district and creating a safe, clean and well-managed environment. Sandton Central takes this task very seriously, employing a team of 56 public safety ambassadors, 5 vehicles and 25 cleaning staff, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, who focus solely on crime prevention, cleaning, maintenance and landscaping.

The "Men in Red”, as they affectionately called, remain the front line of the improvement district, setting the example and sending the message that Sandton Central is a managed public space.

The second level of Sandton Central’s management process focuses on branding and marketing and improving the overall image of the business district through place making, collaborative promotional strategies, the use of a public art programme, market research, urban planning and working with the media.

Sandton Central’s Men in Red:

  • Give consistent supportive, friendly, professional and efficient service. 

  • Keep a sharp eye on public services in the area. The public safety ambassadors report and monitor any issues. This means quick response times to issues like potholes, burst water pipes and traffic signals that aren’t working. 

  • Provide visible policing and surveillance in the public space. The Men in Red identify, monitor and report to the authorities all crime related issues. 

  • Offer knowledgeable assistance about facilities, places and services in Sandton Central. 

  • Act as proud ambassadors for Sandton Central.

Sandton Central is the thinking, enterprising, socialising centre of Africa. It is South Africa’s cosmopolitan centre of trade and ideas. It is central to finance, fashion, smart new global idea and smart new global people. It is central to Gauteng, central to South Africa and central to the southern hemisphere.

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